July 5 – 9, 2023, South Kazakhstan, Networking event “Shamal-2023”

The Center’s team has participated in the largest business event of the current year  “Shamal – 2023” (“Shamal“mean “wind” in the local language) which took place in South Kazakhstan as part of Team Building.

Representatives from all over Central Asia came together to experience the full power of the networking event.

The event expected an attendance of about 5 000 participants. More than 40 speakers were invited to share their experiences and thoughts among the audience, including a well-known politician, Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2005 Irina Khakamada, and other well-known business coaches in the region.

The event itself, according to the program, has planned to be in two locations in South Kazakhstan.  Both chosen locations were organized as tent compounds, where all participants experienced enjoying the surrounding nature and basic lifestyle.

All participants of the “Shamal – 2023” event had the great opportunity to expand their vision, meet new people, and build a wide network of like-minded people, to recharge and reboot themselves before new challenges.