Center for Nonproliferation and Export Control Conducts Event to Discuss Key Issues

The Center for Nonproliferation and Export Control is pleased to announce the successful completion of an event dedicated to discussing crucial security matters. The event brought together representatives from government ministries, leading experts, members of the expert community, and international organizations to address important aspects of security and control across various domains.


One of the main highlights of the program was the presentation of the Russian-language version of the “Guidelines for Emergency Response.” This guide serves as a valuable resource for professionals working in the security field and offers useful instructions and recommendations for responding to emergency situations.


A significant aspect of the discussions was the emphasis on the role of civil society and the expert community in ensuring chemical, biological, and radiological security, as well as nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and arms control. Participants in the event underscored the importance of active collaboration between governmental structures and civil society in effectively addressing these issues.

Considerable attention was given to the outcomes of a project implemented with the support of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and its fund (UNSCAR), aimed at optimizing legislation related to state control over the movement (export, import, and transit) of arms, military equipment, products, and services of a military nature. The project has had a significant positive impact on enhancing security and control in the movement of such goods, contributing to the prevention of illicit trafficking and the nonproliferation of hazardous materials.


Furthermore, important issues related to biological security were discussed during the event. Participants engaged in conversations about current challenges associated with potential biological threats and stressed the necessity of joint efforts at the national and international levels to prevent and detect such threats.


The event served as a platform for exchanging experiences, ideas, and expertise, fostering the development and implementation of effective strategies in the field of control and nonproliferation. Participants emphasized the importance of international cooperation and partnerships in ensuring global security and sustainable development.


The Center for Nonproliferation and Export Control extends its gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and expresses appreciation to the partners for their support and assistance in organizing this event.

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