A Peer Review was held in support of the BWC (August 16-18, 2022)

In the period from August 16-18, a Peer Review was held in the Issyk-Kul region in accordance
with the EU Council Decision 2019/97 in support of the Convention on the Prohibition of the
Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) Toxin Weapons and on
Their Destruction. This event was attended by representatives of the Center for Non-Proliferation
and Export Control, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the USA, Uzbekistan, the World
Organization for Animal Welfare, the International Science and Technology Center, OSCE,
Representatives of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic, UNODA, as well as interested
ministries and departments of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In addition, high-level representatives took part in the official opening and work of the event:
Ms. Ainura Usenbekova – Deputy Minister of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic;
Dr. Alex Lampalzer – Deputy Head of the BTWC Implementation Support Unit, United Nations
Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Office; Ms. Rasmiya Kazymova – Deputy Head of the
OSCE Program Office in Bishkek; Mr. Raymond Vingris – Chargé d'Affaires of the European
Union Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic.
During the three-day event, the most important points on the implementation of the BTWC were
discussed. The experience of other countries on the implementation of the BTWC Convention
was heard and recommendations of international experts were presented. Center expert Marat
Sadykov made a presentation on improving the management of chemical and biological waste in
Central Asian countries to improve safety and reduce risks.
After the Peer Review party, was held a friendly soccer match between the participants of the

Video of this match here