Regional Conference on “Autonomous systems of lethal weapons: a preventive ban”

From 18 to 19 April 2019, the Center for Non-proliferation and Export Control participated in the Regional Conference on “Autonomous systems of lethal weapons: a preventive ban”.

The conference was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event was organized by the Center for International Security and Politics with the support of Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

The Conference was attended by representatives of various governmental and non-governmental organizations from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia and Tajikistan.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of the issue of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).

The participants shared the history of the movement on the banning of autonomous lethal weapon systems, the status of countries’ participation in the Inhumane Weapons Convention, and possible methods for verifying the control of LAWS.

The parties discussed the advisability of banning the development, production and use of LAWS, as well as other methods such as monitoring its development and use.

The participants adopted a communique of the Conference.

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